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Our Partners 

Cooperation New Orleans is a movement comprised of individuals and cooperative efforts committed to building education, resources, and shared practices for creating and decolonizing solidarity economies together. 

Some of our partners in this movement include:

Bancha Lenguas

is a collective of interpreters and language justice workers dedicated to promoting a just society by eliminating language barriers and building multilingual communities.

Builders of the Highway Foundation 

is an outreach organization with a focus on supporting social justice, equality and peace; providing moral learning environments; revitalizing impoverished and blighted communities; providing quality of life initiatives for families and promoting ethical behavior by demonstrating the spirit of charity in our communities.

TMH Financial and Management Solutions LLC

helps clients make sound financial decisions. Our commitment is to help businesses succeed by performing the critical accounting and bookkeeping functions needed for them to remain financially solvent and compliant with regulations. We also provide operational and management strategies to keep your business moving forward.

Roundsky Solutions

a worker-owner from Round Sky Solutions engages in Cooperation New Orleans. Round Sky is a worker-owned cooperative offering democratic leadership and collaborative management training and support. 

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