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Join Us

The strength of our movement relies on many ideas, experiences, and projects coming together to build a cooperative New Orleans. Stay tuned on upcoming gatherings and workshops.

Black organizers and cooperators in New Orleans can also join our movement by attending our workshop series, The Black Liberation Cooperative Academy.

Co-op Support

One of the ways we support cooperatives is through our Community Loan Fund. We provide technical assistance, consultation, and loans. If you are hoping to convert your workplace into a cooperative, have an idea for a new cooperative effort, or an existing cooperative business interested in our support, please contact us. You can fill out a loan inquiry through our inquiry form

We have also compiled some resources for people looking to learn about cooperatives.

Support Us

Your support helps us in our mission to nourish a thriving cooperative ecosystem in New Orleans area. The donations from individuals and organizations helps us to sustain our educational programs, cultivate movement space, and continue the work of running our Loan fund. If you're interested in supporting us through other means, contact us at

"Our economy suffers from the fact that communities are not having their needs met "

- Ed Whitfield, Fund for Democratic Communities

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